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Garage Doors

With many different types of garage doors depending on your preferences of style and application



Most popular kind of garage door for residential homes. Key features include fully automated, insulated double skin steel sections with a steel frame designed to keep in the warmth and cold out.

Side Hinge

Side Hinged

Traditional style hinged doors opening outwards split in the centre or off centre these can be single skin or insulated with a wide range of styles and applications.



Electric aluminium insulated roller door. Rolls into a compact box inside the garage saving space and money as a tried and tested alternative to a sectional. 
'Secured by design'

Side Slider

Side sliding

Similar to a insulated sectional door made with the same panels but geared to slide to the left or right of the garage. can be motorised or manual. 


Up and Over

The most common type of garage door, one piece up and over available in many different styles and materials timber, steel, GRP and can be manual or motorised.